Change Job Dhan to Predator


  1. Start speak to Gamaharo Huma Second Master of Shadow Walker in par’taluca city of dhan, you’ll get First Quest Predator’s Manners.
  2. Find Hizino Melee Weapon Merchant in par’taluca
  3. Speak again to Gamaharo Huma Second Master of Shadow Walker to get second Quest Kalis’s Whereabouts (Quest Description: Gamaharo Huma tells you to go find Kalis Huma and get the scroll that records all the Predator techniques if you wish to become one yourself. Find out Kalis’s whereabouts from Avigail of Artic Sea Portal Stone, then go slay the Dangerous Footprints at Assassin’s training camp south of the Artic Sea Portal Stone, obtain Kalis’s Whereabouts and follow its directions)
  4. Use Arctic Sea Portal Stone that you bought from Gahering Hall
  5. Talk to Avigail Arctic Sea Guard around Arctic Sea bindstone
  6. Kill Dangerous Footprints south of Arctic Sea
  7. Then report to Gamaharo Huma Second Master of Shadow Walker and you will get Third Quest Painful Realization (Quest Description: Gamaharo Huma scolds you for failing for Kalis Huma’s trap and failing to get obtain your objective. You are ordered to be punished by slaying the Serpenter Caliphs that roam the Fishermen’s Field. Go to the Fisherman’s Field and slay the Serpenter Calipth to obtain 10 Bones of a Failure, and return to Gamaharo Huma.)
  8. Talk to Damats Heartwell Sect Manager in par’taluca
  9. Go Serpenter’s Swamp, Ehres Harbor (F-6) Obtain Bones of a Failure (0/10) from Serpenter Caliph
  10. Report again to Gamaharo Huma Second Master of Shadow Walker then you’ll get fourth Quest Secret Without a Trace (Quest Description: Gamaharo Huma tells you about a person that once trained to become a Predator, but had a change of heart to become an Avenger instead. This bloke fled the training and took with him a secret scroll that recorded all the secret techniques of Predators. Talk to Damats Heartwell and find out the whereabouts of this character that disappeared after accepting the task from the Sirka Observatory, recover the scroll and return it to Gamaharo Huma.)
  11. Speak to Damats Heartwell Sect Manager in par’taluca.
  12. Portal to Kai’non Entrance go north to Sirka Observatory then talk to Brand New Statue (F-2)
  13. Back to Gamaharo Huma Second Master of Shadow Walker then get Fifth Quest Three Demons That Are Sealed (Quest Description: Gamaharo Huma gives you instructions to obtain the Predator technique that he cannot teach you himself. Go to an area located at the southern edge of the Path of Penance, slay the three sealed monster; Kamash the Devil, Mara the Devil, and Yulmassad the Demon. Obtain the Talisman that rids the devil, and return to Gamaharo Huma)
  14. Go to Liom map I-7, Find 3 box (Kamash’s Seal, Mara’s Seal, Yulmassad’s Seal) then open it and kill 3 demon in each box
  15. Speak to Gamaharo Huma Second Master of Shadow Walker
  16. Congrats you are now a PREDATOR!