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Change Job Dhan to Predator

  Start speak to Gamaharo Huma Second Master of Shadow Walker in par’taluca city of dhan, you’ll get First Quest Predator’s Manners. Find Hizino Melee Weapon Merchant in par’taluca Speak again to Gamaharo Huma Second Master of Shadow Walker to get second Quest Kalis’s Whereabouts (Quest Description: Gamaharo Huma tells you to go find Kalis Huma

Change Job Half Elf Ranger

Starting point is Speak with Senecca Firr Mercenary Captain in Moonlit Lake – Kai’non then you will get First Quest Path to Becoming a Ranger (Quest Description: As your first task to become a Ranger, you’ll need to take the Elf’s request to prepare for the upcoming 2nd Peace Conference. Head to the Orc Fortress

Change job Dhan to Avenger

1.Starting npc go to Damats Heartwell. 2. Teleport to enraged nether world bindstone. Then kill Fire Drake (1) and Flame Spite (10). 3. Back to Damats Heartwell and accept next quest 4. Use artic sea portal stone from gathering hall and Teleport to Artic Sea bindstone, Then go to End of struggle at top right


1. Soft Kahto Will be increased in a percentage according to pet level Level 1: Increases your mobility in 10% Level 2: Increases your mobility in 20% Level 3: Increases your mobility in 30% 2. Angel Bunny Will teleport back to the starting point Level 1: Remembers original location up to 5 minutes Level 2:

Npc Map and Coordinates

Haem Grand Mage’s npc Haem Grand Mage Rev’Deca City Armenes Map Talia Downstream of Shamar River Guard’s npc Talia Downstream of Shamar River Guard Bindstone Downstream of Shamar River Armenes Map Statue of a Wailing Dragon’s npc Statue of a Wailing Dragon’s npc Endless Echo, Black Dragon Sanctuary Geizan Map Guliermo Dragon Eyes Guard’s npc

Change job Elf to Templar

  Start speak to NPC Viviana Nadiv Head of Arcane Academy after crossing the bridge (VENA) you will get First Quest Templar’s Basic Knowledge (Quest Description: Viviana Nadiv, the Head of Via Marea’s Arcane Academy orders you to go and learn the basic information in order to become a Templar. Go talk to bindstone keepers of

Change job Dark Elf to Warlock

First Speak to Pascal Vistierre Ignis Magic Forum Representative in Montt, you will get First Quest The Disenchantment of a Wark (Quest Description: Pascal Vistierre feels the deep desire for higher strength, and gives you advice on becoming a Warlock. Head north of Ignis, Towards the Temple of Flox and talk to Prophet of Flox,

Monsters Map and Coordinates

Servent of Hellkite Servent of Hellkite Black Dragon Sanctuary Geizan Map Servent of Kniedhogg Servent of Kniedhogg Caronia’s Tomb Varvylon Map Sluggish Wave Sluggish Wave Armenes north Armenes Map Ornella the Amazone Ornella the Amazone Limestone Foothill Varvylon Map Waterdrop Golem Waterdrop Golem Elm Forest, Godness Fountain Via Marea Map Ornella’s Follower and Ornella the

Change job Elf to Priest

Get First Quest from Shailina Illia Head Prophet of Via Marea in Vena Castle and get First Quest “Priest The healer” (Quest Description: Upon hearing your wishes to become a Priest. The Head Prophet Shailina Illia comments that all she can do to help you is to give you directions of where to go. Go

Change job Dark Elf to Wizard

  Starting Wieren Armant Royal Wizard npc in Royal Palace Entrance, Montt you will get First Quest The Disenchantment of a Mage (Quest Description: Wieren Armant suggests a number of tests to test your skills to become a Wizard, You are to head to Eibach’s Geyser area, and hunt down Whispering Flame Bush in order